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Guidelines for Safe Group Riding



Be predictable - don’t make any sudden moves

Keep a smooth pace – don’t surge and then coast particularly on fast rides.

Always signal a change AHEAD of time – vocally & visually if possible.

Hold your line and keep your head straight. Don’t weave or meander from side to side.

Minimize the need to brake in close quarters by raising your torso or pedaling with less power.

Predictability becomes essential as you speed up and ride closer.


Maintain a safe interval

Safe distance depends on skill & pace.

Generally leave 2 – 3 wheel lengths.

NEVER overlap wheels.

Pay attention to the riders behind you – let the leader know when others fall way behind.


Stay alert & focused on riding

Minimize unnecessary conversation especially as your pace increases.

Avoid taking calls or texts during a ride – wait for a rest stop. Do NOT ride while talking or texting.

If you must take a call, pull off and let the ride proceed without you. (Leaders & Sweeps excepted.)


Give warnings & point out hazards

Look before you pass and announce your intentions.

Pass on the left. Announce if you happen to find yourself on the right.

Pass hazard warnings up and down the line (hole, car back, runner up etc.)


Ride single file most of the time

Stay as tight to the right as feasible, stay to the left when turning left.

Ride two abreast only on quiet streets/roads or bike paths.

Never ride more than two abreast.


Obey Lights & Signs

Always stop at red lights – look ahead & anticipate.

Call out “STOPPING” if you become separated from riders ahead of you.

Never try to beat the light just to stay with the pack.

Leaders should find a safe place to wait for the group to reassemble after a red light.

Use caution at all intersections.

Yield to motorists when they have the right of way.


Be courteous

Do not block traffic unnecessarily.

If required to stop, pull off the road where possible.

Allow overtaking traffic to pass but don’t be afraid to take a lane if necessary for safety.


Follow your leader

Unless alternating in a paceline, stay behind the leader & in front of the sweep.

Let the leader or sweep know if you decide to leave the group.


Speak up about other’s unsafe riding behavior

Tactfully mention it to the ride leader or sweep if it persists.



Additional guidelines for safe pace line riding

Be smooth and predictable at all times – make no sudden moves.

Maintain your speed when taking over the lead, don’t accelerate off the front.

Stay seated, down shift if needed, but don’t stand up.

Pull off the paceline to the left only, unless doing double paceline work.

Fast and more experienced riders can decrease to a 1 or ½ wheel length.

Look over the shoulder or watch body movements of the person in front of you, not their wheel.

Ride double pacelines with extreme caution on wide roads only.

Wait until you’re at the back to remove your water bottle or spit.

NEVER overlap wheels.